AWOL 101 & Pro Academy

AWOL 101

When it comes to Awol Academy reviews, all of them need to begin with the foundation that sets the stage for all future success for Awol Academy students.

That foundation starts off with Awol 101… their proprietary coaching process.

This is the process that every single customer is encouraged to begin with and complete before they ever continue forward along their journey with Awol.  So that before someone advances into the additional Academy training, they will have set up a solid foundation to build upon.

So what is included inside Awol 101?  There are 3 key parts:


  • Deep Dive Questionnaire

  • Business Planning Session

  • One on One Coaching Call


It begins with the deep dive questionnaire.  These are a variety of thought provoking questions that dig into the “why” of your business… the goals you have… as well as your previous experiences.  This allows the Awol team to better understand where you are starting from and where you wish to go.

Next up… the business planning session.  This is where the founders Keala and Kameron break down the “true reality” behind designing an online business.  This type of “no holds barred” guidance is what allows every brand new customer to understand the fundamentals of business.  And continues to help layout the proper game plan for best success.

The final piece of Awol 101 is made up of a one-on-one coaching call.  This third piece of personalized attention provides the brand new student to ask the questions that have come up along their journey.

This one-on-one coaching call allows the student to receive quality feedback and gain a better understanding and clarity from their coach and where to go next. (which many times is Pro Academy which you’ll read about next.)

The Awol 101 proprietary coaching process is the perfect launching point for anyone entering the world of digital freelance marketing.  It is the first important piece of the puzzle that can lead to life changing progress.

Next up…. Awol Pro Academy

AWOL Pro Academy… the perfect start to a journey full of progress and profit.  That to me is the easiest way to describe what every beginning marketer gains once they invest in this foundational training.

For most people looking to dive into the unknown world of internet sales and marketing… it’s a leap of faith.  They jump in without really knowing where to begin.

AWOL Pro Academy is able to immediately provide the wings to support and encourage that newbie marketer’s leap of faith.  But how exactly does it deliver on this mission?  Let’s get into some of the specifics.

Within the AWOL Pro Academy, the brand new marketer is never left alone to figure it out on their own.  Every single step of the way, you are being guided by the hand by top notch trainers and mentors.

In fact, the majority of all trainings within any of the AWOL Academy courses are hosted by one of the co-founders Keala Kanae!

So you are able to tap into the years of wisdom from someone like Keala all while being led click-by-click through every single step of the in-depth training.

And every aspect of this training is meant to provide a rock solid foundation for your emerging online business AND to launch you onto the fast track to your very first sales!

AWOL Pro Academy covers all the basics and yet combines them with next level insights and resources that slash the learning curve and boost your possibilities at long term success.

This isn’t some cookie cutter, fluff and fairy tale type training.

This is “in the trenches” reality based instruction and mentorship.

For the co-founders Keala Kanae and Kameron George understand the importance of doing things right from the very beginning.

They understand that there is zero time to waste when it comes to crafting your dreams.Your instructors will be literally over your shoulder as you take every new step to designing your “digital freelance marketing” business.

By the end of AWOL Pro Academy, you’ll be in possession of your very own sales funnel. (Most companies only share this type of content with their high ticket clients… but it’s here inside AWOL Pro Academy.)

Once you have your own custom sales funnel, you’ll be all set to begin generating traffic, getting leads and of course paying customers!

After investing in yourself with AWOL Pro Academy, you’ll walk away with a sophisticated business system complete with your own domain, website, lead-capture pages, email marketing, conversion tracking system…


AWOL Pro Academy provides an in-depth, click-by-click journey to establishing the foundation of your future as a successful digital freelance marketer.